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Dr. Phil and Dr. Seuss - WHAT IS LOVE?

JOHNNY- Full-time Blogger. Part-time Philosopher?
Below is a fictional conversation I wrote for my Philosophy class. Using actual people or made-up characters engaged in a moral or philosophical conversation (known as "Socratic Dialogue"), we were asked to come up with our own definition and answer the question "What is LOVE?"
There are no right or wrong answers.
Here is what I came up with. The conversation may be fictional, exaggerated, and ridiculous, but I think the underlying message still holds true. I hope you enjoy it.
(Just in case you were wondering, I got an A+ for this.)


Dr. Seuss: Author of literary classics such as Green Eggs and Ham and The Cat in the Hat; tends to rhyme his sentences…a lot; adores pastries. (link to wiki bio)

Dr. Phil McGraw: American television personality, psychologist, and best-selling author; sarcastic, yet insightful; has a big bald head.

Dr. Phil has invited Dr. Seuss over for lunch at a local coffee shop. The scene opens with Dr. Seuss having a bit of a “pastry” issue.

Dr. Seuss: Which one should I have, which one indeed, the
blueberry scone or the lemon poppy seed?

Dr. Phil: Will you stop riding the cow around the barn like a little boy who lost his mommy. You can have both for all I care!

Dr. Seuss: Oh no my bald friend, I cannot do that. My tummy
will ache, and I will get fat.

Dr. Phil: You know, we can talk about your insecurities and self-image issues later. Sit down. Okay, the reason I invited you over was because I need to ask you something.
Dr. Seuss: Oh no, oh my, what ever could it be? You’re
coming out of the closet and want to marry me?

Dr. Phil: No, you oaf! I wanted to know what your views are about love. What is it to you? How do explain what love is?

Dr. Seuss: Love, my friend, I have to admit, means so many
things, I just can’t omit. It’s hard, it’s easy, it cannot be explained. Love
can be lost, but also regained.

Dr. Phil: That doesn’t make any sense at all.

Dr. Seuss: Oh patience my child, allow me to explain. It’s
really quite simple; you don’t need a big brain. Love is a handshake, love is a
kiss, love is an embrace no one should ever miss. It is the touch of someone
whom you hold dear. It surrounds us all; it is there, it is here.

Dr. Phil: It is there? It is here? You mean Love is everywhere?

Dr. Seuss: Joy to the heavens, you finally understand! Your
mind has been freed from love quicksand!

Dr. Phil: If love is everywhere, that means it’s right here in my grande non-fat chai latte. It’s also in those scone morsels swirling about in your mouth right now.
Dr. Seuss: Indeed you are right, you are right indeed. Let
me take another bite, into my mouth I feed!

Dr. Phil: How can that be? Love is the special bond between two individuals. It’s an emotion felt when two people are attracted to one another not only in the physical sense, but also internally. Love exists between families, friends, and even among strangers. Long story short - love exists in people, not objects like coffee or articially-flavoured pastries.

Dr. Seuss: What you say is true, so wonderful to hear. You
said it so well, I commend you, I cheer. But love is also found in all things
big and small - from the tiniest snowflake to the highest waterfall. These
things make us wonder, in amazement, and in awe; sometimes we don’t believe some
of the things we just saw. This is what love is, allow me to explain: love is a
memory, its essence we retain.

Dr. Phil: Um, I’m not quite sure I follow. You’re not making any sense, you know.

Dr. Seuss: Look here my friend, this scone you see. It
tastes so good, yet still healthy. As I slowly chew, a smile now appears. My
tummy is now full; can you not hear its cheers? In that brief moment, my needs
have been met, I no longer starve, I no longer fret. The love from the scone has
been given to me. Look at my face, and see that I’m happy.

Dr. Phil: This is absolutely ridiculous! I am still not convinced. Love is a feeling given by a person to another person. Love is a gift that makes us feel wonderful, it makes us feel good about ourselves, and it also makes us want to just get up and share it with the world! It’s what brings us all together.

Dr. Suess: Love can be different, to you and to me; but the
truth has been revealed, you were agreeing with me. You say love is a gift, it
makes us feel great. It makes us feel special, when it comes from our mate. The
same can be said, I say to you now, whenever we see a kitten as it softly says
“meow”. We feel a sense of wonder, a sense of joy in our heart. The memory of
the meow will never ever depart. Love is a wonder, it comes in many forms; it
embraces us all, our cold lives it slowly warms.

Dr. Phil: So what is love then?

Dr. Seuss: We need to look deeper, as we describe what love
means. Love is everyone and everything, and anything in between. You are love, I
am love, that is love, and this is love.

Dr. Phil: So we are all love? That’s what you’re telling me?

Dr. Seuss: Oh yes indeed, that’s exactly what I said. I‘m
sure you’ll remember; you do have a big head. I told you what love is, but let
me leave you with one more. I should have said this, much earlier before. Love
is one of those things one can never clearly explain; you can’t limit it to a
definition, it doesn’t even need a name. All you need to know is that love is
just there. It is in all of us. It is simply everywhere.

Dr. Phil: Geez, you should have just said that from the start!

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