Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dundas Square

It's gotten a lot colder now here in Toronto. I hate it. Never really been good with being cold. The photos below were taken back in July during the summer while I was downtown just enjoying the day.

These photos were taken at "Dundas Square" - Toronto's version of New York's Times Square. It's always packed with people during the summer. I miss those street fountains.

I've always loved living in a big city, especially during the summer - people packing the streets, the busy atmosphere, and the fast-paced lifestyle.

That's a billboard of BREAKFAST TELEVISION - Toronto's daily morning television show. People at Dundas Square would often just sit back on the chairs and just relax, eat, and just have a great time. Sometimes there would be concerts there and galleries and other free events.

This breakdancer is a staple at Dundas Square during the summer . You toss in some money and, depending on the amount you gave, would perform dance moves from the basic quicksteps to amazing backflips and handstands.

I wish it was summer again. :(

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