Sunday, October 18, 2009

Evolution of Original Pilipino Music

I uploaded this video on YouTube a few months ago, split into 2 parts. However, I found out that Part 2 was recently muted due to that copyright issue. I was so upset.

So what's a frustrated angry guy to do?

Re-upload it here, of course! ^_^ v

How the video came about:

I had this idea of compiling a few of my favourite Filipino songs and lypsynching to it. After playing around with my webcam and discovering its features and effects, I then decided to not only lypsynch the songs but also dance to it.

As you may know, the idea was inspired by the legendary YouTube hit Evolution of Dance. The whole video - from recording to editing - took about half a day to do.

This is my favourite of all the videos I've done so far. It may sound silly and egotistical, but I actually still watch this from time to time.

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