Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mon-Mon is a sexy beast!

Meanwhile, in Johnny's blog...

JOHNNY: Look Mon-Mon, we have readers! Someone is actually at the blog reading this! This is so exciting

MON-MON: Wow, this is a shocker. It's been quiet here the last few days. It's nice to finally have some people around here. How you doin' over there? What brings you here? Why don't you just sit back, relax, and enjoy the wonderful, exciting world of Asian Awesome!!!

JOHNNY: Uh, don't you think you're overdoing it just a little? I mean, you don't want to scare away my potential regular readers.

MON-MON: Bah! Listen bud, I'm sure this nice person right here reading the blog doesn't mind. I mean, we gotta have an edge over the other blogs now, right? We gotta be different. We have to stand out. We have to offer them something the other blogs don't have - namely ME.

MON-MON: Think about it: a 26-year old blogger having a charming, dashing, (and very single) stuffed animal as a sidekick is pretty unique. I bet the other blogs don't have anything close to this.
JOHNNY: Well, you do have a point. You are pretty unique.
MON-MON: Oh, I know.

JOHNNY: So, if you're still reading this I would like to welcome you to Asian Awesome. You'll find all sorts of topics while you're here: links, videos, photos, and even some stuff about me. I just started Asian Awesome earlier this month so the list of entries isn't large yet, but I'll make it a point to update the blog as often as I can so that you'll always have something new to read.
MON-MON: Plus I'll pose like this and be all adorable. That's more than enough reason for you to come back.

JOHNNY: I hope to see you again here real soon. Leave a comment on any of the entries and BE SURE TO CLICK THE FOLLOW LINK ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BLOG so that you'll know when I post a new entry. See you on the next post!
MON-MON: Don't worry - I'll hold this pose until you come back.^_^
Note: "Mon-Mon" was a gift from an ex-girlfriend. It's so cute and adorable I just didn't have the heart to throw it out. I now use Mon-Mon as part of my blogging.

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