Wednesday, October 28, 2009

So you want to be famous?

I just read an article at CNN. com about the psychology behind our thirst for fame. I suggest you read it first before continuing. Go ahead. Click it. I'll wait. Come back when you're done.

Done? Okay, let's move on.

I agree with some of the statements made by the experts in the article - that we seek to be a part of a group; in this case, the group of "famous people". We want the attention and the recognition from people, whether we know them or not. It is this kind of mentality that affects a lot of us who are frequent users of the internet. I admit I'm one of those people.

Websites like YouTube, Facebook, and MySpace encourage us to stand out and not be ordinary. It gives us plenty of ways to share what we are doing, eating, reading, cleaning, cooking, and all other kinds of things that happen in our lives. It is so easy now to become instantly famous many of us are willing to do anything to get a little bit of fame.

Even the sudden increase of reality shows is a clear example of society's addiction with instant fame. Every channel I flip to I see at least one reality show. Ordinary people want to be famous. They all want the attention. To be quite honest, it seems a little sad, really.

For some of us, the idea of fame has changed the way we behave. The "Internet Generation" has become nothing more than a mad mob fighting over our attention. People want the "15 minutes" in order to feel good about themselves, in order to be accepted. It is also this constant quest for instant fame that stops us from becoming happy about ourselves. We choose to stand out, to never be ordinary.

Because being ordinary means you're not anything special.

Do you want to be famous? Why? Why not?

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