Friday, December 18, 2009

I got featured on BlogTV...again.

Hey guys, I'm at my parents' house for the holidays for the next 17 days and I'll be blogging all sorts of stuff while I'm here. Let's start with something that happened last night over at my BlogTV channel. As if the title didn't already give it away.

I wanted to do a quick blogtv show last night just to say "hey!" to everyone before I left for my very early train ride the following morning. We did our usual thing: play music, dancing, random discussions, and other things. About an hour into the broadcast the current viewers I had and myself all noticed that the "visitor count" began to increase - ten became fifteen, fifteen became 30, and so forth. My channel was now being brodcast on BlogTV's homepage. My channel was now being "featured."

For those of you who may not know, being "featured" means your live channel broadcast will be the very first thing visitors see when they go to BlogTV's site. This gives you a brief chance to show what you got to those who otherwise not know who the heck you are. This was your very brief 15 minutes of fame in front of the BlogTV community.

I've been featured before. I think last night was the tenth time, I'm not sure. I don't really know the requirements (someone let me know) in order to become featured but I guess I'm doing something right. I was just there being myself, being nice to everybody, and playing all sorts of music genres - from Sinatra to Snoop Dog and everything in between.
You know, the usual.
What's also really interesting was some time before the channel got featured I recorded a 30-minute video of the broadcast. It's pretty much a little bit of everything I do when I go live.

Anyway, if you still haven't been to my channel yet, or if you missed the show last night, or if you just want to watch me dance to "Greased Lighting" in a suit, see me almost fall off my chair dancing to "I'm On A Boat", perform Hakuna Mutata, hear me affectionately talk to my mom, and give you the most random song at the end, then CLICK THIS LINK:

That's it for now. I'll be blogging more things soon while I'm here. See ya! ^_^ v

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