Thursday, December 16, 2010

Filipino Soap Opera with Lauren! (plus BONUS blooper video!)

Ever wondered how cheesy Filipino soap opera dialogue would sound like if it were spoken by an American girl? American redhead Lauren and I asked the same question and came up with this short video.

The title means "I cannot forget you." It sounds cheesier in Tagalog.

Probably one of the greatest piece of overacting ever seen in a parody vid...

Lauren was such a trooper and was willing and enthusiastic to learn to speak Tagalog. It took her a while to prounounce the words just right. I think she did a swell job.


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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Remember FRIENDSTER? I Used to Be Big There. Sort Of. (Part 3)

Like I've mentioned in the previous entry, my old Friendster blog gave me the chance to meet many wonderful people from different parts the world. It gave me quite a thrill to know where my blog was being read. After reading very encouraging comments they've left, I wanted to show my gratitude and started a photo gallery of sorts featuring my readers.

To be included in the allery, all the readers had to do was take a photo of themselves in front of their computer monitors and send it to me.

These photos still make me smile after all this time...

More recently, I used the same concept for my live webcam show on BlogTV. You can find the link to my channel on the right sidebar of Asian Awesome.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Remember FRIENDSTER? I Used to Be Big There. Sort Of. (Part 2)

(Highlighted texts are clickable)

Read PART 1

Not to sound overly sentimental, but my old Friendster blog "The Mind: My Own Personal Idea Factory" is something I'm quite proud and fond of. Not only was it the place where I realized I had a knack for creative writing, but it also allowed me to connect with people in ways I could never have imagined. For those of you who only know me from BlogTV, YouTube, or Asian Awesome: this is where it all began for me.

NOTE: Although the blog is still active, several photos and videos are no longer there due to expired links or deleted YouTube videos. Click the image below to visit the blog:

IMPORTANT: Some of blog's earlier entries may contain NSFW images. You will see several photos of Japanese girls in bikinis. There's no nudity so don't worry. Please keep in mind that some of my comments were written sarcastically and should not be taken seriously. My earlier entries represent a phase I have completely grown out of. I just want to get that out of the way before you think I'm weird or creepy. ^_^

Anyway, where were we?

There's so many things I want to talk about regarding the blog but I'll try my best to keep it as brief as I can. I'll start with the basics - the name and what the blog was all about:

During the process of coming up with a blog name, I read the words "idea factory" on an article somewhere and thought it was catchy. I used "The Mind" because it sounded better than "The Brain" and added the redundant phrase "my own personal" to make it sound cooler.

The blog launched around 2005 when I was very much interested in Japanese pop culture and music, particularly "idol groups" and solo artists.I created an on-site video playlist within the blog featuring my favourite J-Pop music videos I liked at the time; this became the central feature of the blog and I added new ones as often as I could. My initial target audience at the time were people who also enjoyed listening to Japanese pop music and who were interested in Japanese pop culture. The video player is not there anymore due to Friendster switching blog partners from Blogger to Wordpress.

After a few months of self-promotion through Friendster's "bulletin board" and sending mass messages to people on my friends list, the blog started to get some attention. Suddenly, the people over at Friendster eventually noticed the traffic and, after several failed attempts, finally granted my request to become one of only twenty "Featured Blogs" the site promoted on their main page. I was so ecstatic when I saw the blog on the list...

Being a "Featured Blogger" meant that everytime I would update the blog it would be advertised immediately on Friendster's main page, giving the site tremendous exposure to millions of potential readers. At the time, Friendster was very popular among Filipinos and this suddenly gave the blog a totally new set of readers.

My "regular" Friendster account was later converted into a "Fan Profile" - allowing me connect with my readers more efficiently and making it easier for them to get in touch with me and the blog.

With the blog now having a much bigger Filipino audience - not just J-Pop loving people -I decided to change the blog theme a bit and added more Filipino-themed entries to the mix. Two of the most popular ones involved SHARING JEEPNEY STORIES and SHARING THEIR FAVOURITE FILIPINO FOOD. These two entries were the most commented on the blog with a total of 650 replies between them. Reading all the things people wrote still makes me smile after all these years. I highly suggest you read them all when you have the chance.


"The (People's) Mind"

Friday, December 3, 2010

Remember FRIENDSTER? I Used to Be Big There. Sort Of. (Part 1)

Before Facebook pretty much destroyed our social life, productivity, and face-to-face communication skills, there was Friendster. I'm sure many of you have fond memories of this once-popular site (that is, unless you were one of those wannabe hipsters who were on MySpace).

One of the creepiest memories I had over at Friendster was finding other profiles with my face as their main photo. These are all actual screenshots of member profile pages...


My Japanese culture-themed Friendster blog!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

BALIKBAYAN BOX: The Symbol Of The Filipino People

I was riding the local streetcar here in Toronto when a woman came in with a folded balikbayan box. I took out my camera and sneakily shot this photo:

Around this time of the year, it has become a tradition for many of us Filipinos living abroad to send these to our loved ones back home. We pack it with all sorts of goodies: canned goods, hand-me-down clothes, bottles of shampoos, Dove soap (they always ask for Dove soap!), different kinds of hand lotions, small electronics, and many more things in between. You name it, a Filipino has put it inside one of these boxes and sent it back home.

This wonderful random sight has let me come into a realization: the balikbayan box is the perfect symbol to represent the Filipino people. We are a caring and selfless bunch, thinking about the well-being of others more than our own. This is who we are. Thousands of our fellow Filipinos are currently overseas, working hard trying to earn a little bit of money just so they can support their families back home. It's not surprising that remittances from Overseas Filipino Workers bring in millions of pesos into the country every year. It's also not surprising that thousands of balikbayan boxes are probably in the sky right now on their way to the Philippines, packed and sent by these wonderful and courageous OFWs.

Sadly, the balikbayan box has become a part of one of those stereotypical "You know you are Filipino if..." jokes.Just in case you didn't know, it goes something like this:

"You know you are Filipino if you have balikbayan boxes instead of luggage at the airport terminal."

Yes, balikbayan boxes are a common sight at flights heading to the Philippines. We all can agree on this, many of us have seen it ourselves. However, we must stop calling this a joke and start seeing this as a source of pride. Let us celebrate the balikbayan box and what it represents - the kindness and generosity of the everyday Filipino.

The realization of the meaning of the balikbayan box to the Philippines and its people has also made me come up with a suggestion for a replacement tourism slogan for the country. Thanks to Facebook's News Feed (and a few friends sharing a YouTube newsclip), I found out that the Department of Tourism of the Philippines is getting some negative feedback regarding the new campaign slogan and banner to promote tourism. Many are saying the overall design has been copied from another source and that "KAY GANDA!" is a weak slogan and does not leave a lasting effect, particularly amongst foreigners.

While the color scheme of the banner is pretty neat, I want to focus more on the slogan. Using just a few choice words, the purpose of a tourism slogan is to give potential international visitors a reason to come to the country. The problem with "Kay Ganda!" is that, more than likely, foreigners won't know what it means. Some of you might say, "That's why there's a pronunciation guide in the banner!" To be honest, I find the pronunciation guide a really bad idea. A tourism slogan is not supposed to be a speech lesson.

This is where the balikbayan box and the core Filipino values it represents come into play. The Department of Tourism should not have focused on the country's landscapes and unique wildlife to entice people to visit. Although there are many beautiful and memorable locations to visit in the country, much can be also said about the wonderful people who live in these places. The slogan should provide a reason for people to come visit the Philippines. Who better to provide these reasons than its citizens. This is how I came up with, what I believe, a much more effective slogan:

"Welcome, Kabayan!" gives a sense of comfort, a comfort you get when you're among friends and family. You feel safe. You feel loved. You feel welcome. "KABAYAN" means "fellow citizen", and this is how we should see and treat other people, whether they're foreign or not. Filipinos abroad call each other by this moniker. It has a homely feeling to it. Hearing the word KABAYAN instantly connects us with fellow Filipinos. "KABAYAN" makes me remember fond memories of growing up in Manila and my friends and family I left behind.

International visitors should experience the same nostalgic feeling and this is what "Welcome, Kabayan!" provides. By sharing with foreigners the same core values of generosity and selflessness Filipinos give one another through the humble balikbayan box, the Philippines can become not only a place where one can enjoy white sand beaches and exotic foods, but a place where you can experience the warm, welcoming arms of the Filipino people.

I sure hope you won't look at the balikbayan box the same way again. I certainly won't.

(Please share this with our fellow kababayans, especially the ones who are in the process of packing their balikbayan boxes for the holidays.)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

SEXY GLEE: Lea Michele and Diana Agron GQ Photoshoot Behind The Scenes (video)

If you're a fan of GLEE you probably already know about the (in)famous GQ photoshoot featuring Lea Michele and Diana Agron. This definitely ain't your wholesome schoolgirls. I'm ok with that.


Scott Pilgrim To Singapore!

It's amazing who you meet on the internet.

A few entries ago, I blogged about my newly-bought Scott Pilgrim VS. The World Blu-ray/DVD. Since I already owned a Blu-ray player, I didn't see the need to keep the DVD. Who wants to watch a visual feast like Scott Pilgrim in lo-def, anyway?

So I made a decision to spread some early holiday cheer and offered to mail the DVD to anyone who wanted it, anywhere in the world.

Someone replied. His name is Mads Karlsen Bækkevold - a film maker from Singapore. I told him I would send the DVD sometime this week.

I Googled his name and found these videos on his YT channel. According to the description, it's about a guy and his love for dance. Interesting.

Reading this on Facebook? Watch the videos here.

Being the self-promoting fiend that I am, and as a form of payment for the free DVD I'm sending him, I kindly asked him if he could give the blog a cameo feature on his next short film. Think what you want, I know it's bit ballsy of me to ask him that. To my surprise Mads considered the idea.

We'll see where this goes.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Whoever Made This Video Must Have Failed Human Biology 101

I recently saw the music video for "Heartbeat" by Enrique Iglesias and Nicole Scherzinger. The song has a catchy hook ("Har-har-HEARTBEAT!"), Enrique's still doing that gruff look-at-me-mami vibe thing, and Nicole Scherzinger has made me want to adopt a pet kitty and call it "Nicole Scherzingmeow!"

The video's pretty decent, I suppose. There's water ripple space thing effects, shirtless Enrique, topless Nicole, lots of sexy emoting, and other things going on. Oh, there's also Nicole wearing a nice red number. Can't forget that.

Now I would have considered this another mediocre, forgettable music video but something stood out for me. A little mistake that actually made me ignore Nicole's half-asian hotness for a very brief second:


(Heart surgeons are crying right now.)

Where the heart REALLY is located...

Call me a stickler for detail, but details like this are important to me. They're singing about the beating of the heart and how it affects human relationship for crying out loud! Why do a music video on a song about a complete cardiac cycle when you can't even locate it correctly?

Maybe they should just change the title of the song to "LEFT LUNG."

Friday, November 12, 2010

I Would Suck My Thumb Again For Conan O'Brien

With Conan O'Brien back on late night television, I finally have another awesome reason to stay up late (the other reason being watching stuff on Netflix). He hasn't lost his touch. Also, his beard has strengthened my mancrush on him. Rawr!

Watch Conan's awesome AMERICAN EXPRESS commercial:

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Seeing a Redhead Wearing a Zebra Snuggie Makes My Heart Giddy!

Okay, I admit, I like giving people gifts. It's part of my giving nature. Some people might see that as buying people's affection. I say screw them. Gifts make people happy and that's what counts.

I sent Lauren a late birthday gift last week. She mentioned in one of our talks she's always wanted to get a zebra print Snuggie. Looks good on her, doesn't it?

Awesome Fact:
She actually sent me the original blue Snuggie last year after seeing one of my random YouTube videos. You can watch it below.

(yeah, I look hot.)

Here's the original video Lauren saw. Yeah, I may have looked stupid, but it got me a Snuggie from a cute girl. Awesome. ^_^ v

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Scott Pilgrim BLU-RAY...and DVD blah blah.

After months of waiting, I finally hold it in my hands...

(I'm geeking on the inside. Trust me.)

...and it comes with a limited edition film cell with it too. Awesome!
My only rant about this is the silly BLU-RAY/DVD combo thing. I mean, if you already have a Blu-Ray player, what purpose you need the DVD for? To give it to a friend?
Well, that got me thinking...
Anybody want the DVD?
Let me know, I'll mail it to you. Yes, I'm serious. I don't need it so might as well give it to someone who wants it.
Let me know in the comments section.

Friday, October 15, 2010

New Marilyn Monroe Poster

I dropped by a poster shop right after class this afternoon and saw this outside their front window. I just had to have it.
Is it just me, or does Marilyn look a hundred times better in black and white than she does in colour? I think this is how she was meant to be seen - amongst lights and shadows.
Here's one of my "older" Marilyn Monroe posters. I don't know about you, but I prefer her lips over Angelina Jolie's anyday.
Here's the other one. Although this one's in colour, I just love the way she smiles in this one, hair looks gorgeous too. According to a bit of research I did about this particular shot, this was actually one of the last images ever taken of her before she died, making this strangely eerie to look at.
The new poster fits just right in, wouldn't you say? ^_^

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I guess I'm a G(L)EEK now.

Okay, I gotta admit, when Glee's first season came out last year I never really paid it any attention. Not even saw a single episode. The only passing interest I had of the show was towards their promo ad posters that were all over the city.

Jump to not too long ago this year, it was announced that Filipino singer Charice was going to be a guest of the show. I said to myself, "Oh alright, I'll watch the show and see what all the fuss is about. Plus Charice is gonna be in it."

I watched my very first Glee episode last week during the show's season 2 premiere episode. After that I was hooked. I bought the first season on Blu Ray a few days later.

Great production numbers. Quirky characters. Awesome writing.

Plus Lea Michele is quite the lady. Rawr.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lauren & Johnny music video - Wicked Games

What do you get when you take a sexy redhead, a funny Asian, and a really hot song? You get this...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Another of my favourite childhood geeky memories growing up was watching a TV show called "Ghost Writer." Originally airing on PBS from 1992 to 1995 (it was broadcast on one of the major networks in the Philippines), the show was about a racially diverse group of kids solving mysteries and all sorts of goings-on in their neighborhood.

Sounds like a simple premise right?

Here's the kicker -- they're being helped by a colorful "ghost" (aka low-budget special effect) that communicates with them through words and letters! Now that's geeky awesome.

I think I was in third or fourth grade when I first stumbled upon this show. I remember watching some afternoon television with my grandfather. I think we were watching MacGyver (another awesome show) and this was what came after. After watching my very first episode I was immediately hooked. Lucky for me, the show was on around late afternoon EVERYDAY, right after school.

I always tell my friends that I pretty much grew up in front of the television. This was one of the shows responsible for it. Truly a classic in my book.

Here's opening clip from the show...

FUN, YET EMBARASSING FACT: I got so into the show that, at one moment in my very young life, I actually believed the "ghost" was real and tried to write messages to him/her/it using our old computer. You can just imagine my disappointment when the ghost never replied to any of my messages.

Then again, it would have scared the crap out of me if something did answer back. LOL. =)

Monday, September 13, 2010

25 Years of Mushrooms, Goombas, and Starmen

The iconic Super Mario Brothers is 25 years old today. Let me join the rest of the world and share my thoughts....

I have to admit, I was never a hardcore Mario fan, even when everyone else was playing the original Super Mario Brothers on the Super Famicom. The one thing I WAS a fan of was that damn catchy soundtrack. =)

I remember as a kid running around the house like an idiot "humming" that particular tune whenever you would get a Starman in the game.

You know which one I'm talking about...

Now if you'll excuse me, Imma play this song right now real loud and start running around my tiny one-room apartment...
Ok...I'm back.

Oh, did you know the game also teaches an important life philosophy...

See, videogames ARE educational. =P

The Very First Geeky Movie I Ever Saw

Here's another look back at my geeky childhood growing up in the 80's, this time sharing with you what may be, as the title suggests, the very first geeky slash nerdy movie I've ever seen.

Here's the trailer...

"The Wizard of Speed and Time" was filmed in 1983 and was released in 1989 (I was 6 first time I saw it and watched it on Betamax...yes BETAMAX!). The movie is about Matt, a small-time special effects guy trying to fulfill his dream of making a full-length movie.

You can read more about the film here.

I remember my dad borrowing this for me from one of the local video shops his friend ran. I think it was my favourite movie at the time. Then again when you're 6 every movie you saw was your favourite movie. The film had its own song that the main character sang somehere in the middle of the film and I still remember the words to this day. Makes me realize how much this film affected me.

Looking back now, yes the movie was cheesy, yes the special effects they used are now considered prehistoric and lame, and yes the acting sucked. But I can't deny the fact that this movie may have started it all for me. That is, at least regarding my geek life.

To my surprise and delight, you can actually watch the entire movie on YouTube. Click here for some 80's geeky nostalgia!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


This classic 80's videogame for the Super Famicom was a staple in our house back when my brothers and I were still kids. We would play it constantly when we didn't have school, maybe even skipped some classes just so we could play it.
The game is quite simple: You control a tank and blast other tanks while protecting your "base" from being destroyed, collecting power-ups along the way.
I remember my dad, my brothers, and I would fight over who would play first. Lots of good memories with this game.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Asian Peace Signs Are So Asian!

A friend of mine from work told me a story about how her friends made fun of her for having too many Facebook photos where she poses doing a peace sign. She was told that she was being "so Asian" for making peace signs.

Later that night, I browsed through my Facebook albums and found these photos, all taken at different times. I was also making too many peace sign poses without really realizing that I was doing it so often.

All of a sudden, that "peace signs are so Asian" remark my friend's friend made doesn't sound so ridiculous to me.

This has now got me thinking:

Do we Asians really do the peace sign that much, in photos and in public? Do we really do it so much that it has now become the new Asian stereotype? Why the heck do we even do it in the first place?

So, what's YOUR take on the "Asian peace sign?"

(^_^) v

Friday, September 3, 2010

Snooky Tynes Band -- Get On Up

I went out Wednesday night to see my friend Snooky Tynes and his family band perform at a local pub downtown. I took several videos of their set and will upload them all at my YouTube channel soon.

Here's just one of many awesome performances that night. Enjoy.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


(Reading this on Facebook? Click here to visit the blog for awesome Adam West videos.)

As promised, here are photos from last night's awesome Batman event that featured pop culture icon Adam West.

I only got the chance to take 4 photos from last night, which is really lame I know. I told everyone on Facebook I'd be taking photos AND videos of the event. My excuse is the event was held inside a movie theater - NO PHOTOS OR VIDEOS ALLOWED.

This was the promo poster for the event, which was a special screening of the 1966 film "Batman: The Movie" based on the popular TV series AND a special in-the-flesh appearance by Adam West himself after the film for a short Q & A with the audience.

You may be wondering: what the heck is Batman holding and why the heck is he holding it like that? Well, just in case you haven't seen the film yet, it's from this scene...

I managed to get a seat about 4 rows from the screen and stage, which was both awesome and not so awesome at the same time. Awesome because I got to see Adam West up close. Not so awesome because as much as I wanted to take photos and videos of the event I was just too worried I might get caught by the ushers walking around.
Major wimpy fail on my part. _/''''\O

If that wasn't bad enough, we were told that we couldn't take any photographs or videos of Adam West once he appears on stage. Now I'm certain a good handful of people didn't listen and just took photos and vids anyway but, again, I was just too close to the stage to steal a shot or two.

You're just gonna have to take my word for it. Adam West was really there, I swear.

^_^ v

I took this photo just a few moments before the movie began. Shhh...don't tell anyone. After the film ended, they set up a chair for Adam West for the Q & A.

The audience asked him all sorts of questions:

How he liked the fact that he will always be known as the original Batman...

("It feels really good!")

Which actress he thought was the sexiest Catwoman...

("Julie Newmar.")

If he prefers performing in front of the camera or voiceover work for Family Guy...

("I don't care. Just pay me. But voiceover work is less stressful - no makeup, no costumes. You just show up and do it.")

When the TV series would arrive to DVD...

("It's in the works.")

What's Burt Ward doing nowadays...

("He's waiting in the car.")

When he last wore the cape and cowl...

("Last night. It was a wild night.")

... and if he would be kind enough to dance the popular BATUSI..

What's the BATUSI, you may ask? This, my friends, is the BATUSI...

Seeing Adam West in the flesh dancing this was so epic. People were going crazy! He also revealed that he's doing voiceover work for Disney for an upcoming Peter-Pan animated film, which is totally awesome.

After about 20 minutes the Q & A was done and Adam West exited his Batman butt backstage. Everyone stood up and headed for the exit. It was the best $25 dollars I've spent in a really really long time.