Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy new year! (Oh, can you read Chinese?)

[UPDATE: Apparently, the texts are Chinese characters. Thanks for the heads-up Ernie and Anne.]

Happy new year everyone! So I'm finally back in my Toronto apartment from my Christmas vacation at my parents place and I brought some stuff back with me that I wanna show you.

I also need your help on this particular shirt I'm wearing...

See, I got this shirt from my brother and I'm guessing the text is in Chinese . I never got the chance to ask him what it said (like he would know, anyway) so I'm asking anybody out there who can read Chinese to tell me what it says.

You might wanna zoom in or enlarge the image to read it more clearly.

Oh, check out this neat lion character on the side. Now who doesn't like a smiling lion?

So, anyway, I hope you can help me out. It gonna bother me really bad if I don't find out what the shirt says. Thanks and I'll be posting more stuff I brought back real soon.



  1. Hello there,John!!It's been awhile..some of the character is in japanese but can't read 'em.I guess it's in chinese.Cool shirt anyway!!^_^

    Wishing you and your family a blissful 2010!!^_^

  2. Thanks Clarrisa. Yeah, i just found out that they're in Chinese. Do you know anyone who can read it?

    Have a great new year too!