Sunday, February 14, 2010


Ah...the first kiss. Possibly one of the most memorable moments of your entire life. It's something you're going to compare to all the kisses you're gonna get and give from here on out. I'm sure everyone who's had the chance to pucker up still remembers their story about when, where, and how they got their first real smooch.

Here's mine...

It happened during a date with a girl who later became my first gf. We figured we'd get a souvenir on one of those photobooths that turn your pictures into stickers. We sat inside the booth and right before we started the machine I asked her a question:

"Um, can I kiss you...on the lips?"

And then we kissed..French style. I didn't even need to practice or anyhing. It just came very natural to me. Awesome. Hehe.

Yes, I asked permission to get my very first kiss. Adorable and lame, I know. But, the story still makes me smile thinking about it after all these years.

What about you? Share your first kiss stories. Don't be bashful now.

Happy Valentine's Day! ^.^

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