Sunday, March 21, 2010

Loli Girl / Chick I'm Not Tapping

These photos were taken last Friday afternoon at the corner of Dundas Square - Toronto's version of Times Square. There was this girl wearing a sort of lolita/goth ruflle dress, which is honestly something you don't get to see everyday.
She was standing in front of the spot where "Chalkmaster Dave" - one of city's popular local artist - was working. Did he hire her to stand there to grab people's attention? Maybe. I couldn't tell and I didn't wanna ask. I had a feeling he did. Based on her somewhat sad expression, it seemed pretty obvious she didn't want to be there. Poor girl. It was a bit chilly that afternoon.

As great as the chalk drawing is, I just couldn't keep my eye off that sad loli girl. You just wanted to hug her and take care of her, you know what I mean?
(FACT: I think girls in loli costumes are really cute.)

You gotta admit: it actually looks pretty good.

Nice touch. Must have been awkward to explain to tourists what it meant.
(- -)/

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