Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mona Lisa, a Cowboy, and a Japanese Tourist

No, it's not a title of a new sitcom.

I spent the afternoon out and enjoyed the great weekend weather we're having here in Toronto. I took some photos and vids.

MONA LISA SKETCH -- Done by "Chalkmaster Dave", a popular local artist. Every weekend he takes his spot at the corner of Dundas Square and draws all sorts of images and pop culture characters. It was a shame some people didn't seem to care about the hardwork he put in and just walked all over it.

THE COPPER COWBOY -- A familiar attraction downtown, especially during the summertime. He's pretty much a moving statue and, for a few coins, he moves and dances for you. I was actually surprised to see him there since it was a bit chilly. I don't think I would have been able to last that long in the cold. Read this news article to know more about him.

THE COPPER COWBOY + TOURISTS -- There were plenty of people watching and taking photos of him when I was there, including this very excited Japanese girl. Just watch. Very adorable.^_^

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