Thursday, March 11, 2010

More Research and Dirty Students

It's Thursday night. 6:30pm. I'm at the library again.

I'm sitting on the same spot I was the last time I was here - next to high floor-to-ceiling windows where I can see the headlights of cars zooming by. Oh yes, those large potted plants are still here as well. I don't really know why they decided to put plants inside the library. Is it to provide a constant dose of fresh oxygen into the air? To make it feel like you're reading next to small garden or tiny forest? or maybe it's just there to make the place look homey?

Whatever the case may be, I personally find a dark humour seeing these living plants in a building filled with wooden tables, chairs and aisles of books. If the plants could talk, they're probably saying to each other, "DUDE, THAT COULD HAVE BEEN US!"

But that's just me.

Just in case you care, I'm doing a 10-page paper for my Senior Research Class, relating the classic French childrens novel "The Little Prince" and the importance of childhood idealism and the value of "sense of play" in our lives.

Here's one of the books I'm gathering material from. I was trying to make this pose as subtle as I could, considering there's a lot of people nearby.

Ok, now here's something that really upsets me. Before I took this spot, the table was occupied by a group of young students doing their own research (presumably). They left these stacks of books behind and (ugh!) plastic drink containers on the table. I just shook my head in disgust as they left.

A REMINDER IF EVER YOU'RE USING THE PUBLIC LIBRARY: Be more considerate. Clean up your mess. That's not hard to do, is it?

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