Sunday, April 25, 2010

How To Be A Great Talk Show Host

About a year ago, I had the brief opportunity to be the host of a proposed 30-minute Filipino talk show called "Showtime! With Johnny Bautista." Four shows/episodes were taped but, unfortunately, none made it to air due to several internal reasons within the local studio.

Below is one of the "pseudo-promo" articles I wrote for the show.

(Note: "Mon-Mon" was a gift from an ex-GF.)


Before you can become an excellent TV host, you must first look the part. Choosing the clothes you will wear will have a huge influence on how the audience will react to you. Be sure to select clothes that are not "too flashy" (save those for the game show hosts). A fashionable neutral-coloured outfit is always a safe choice. This goes for suits, as well. Having a well-chosen outfit will not only make you look good on camera, but also knowing that you look amazing will give you that extra boost of confidence throughout the show.

Having your very own TV show may be a cool thing, but always remind yourself WHY you have a TV show in the first place: TO ENTERTAIN. Veteran talk show hosts like Conan O'Brien and Ellen DeGeneres have no problem looking and acting silly at their shows. They know that IT ISN'T ABOUT THEM, IT'S ABOUT THEIR AUDIENCE. So get out there and make a fool out of yourself!

You are called a "HOST" for a reason, so act like one! Think of your show as your home and your guests as, well, your guests. As the host, you have the responsibility to make them enjoy their stay at your show. You didn't invite them to come over just so they can get bored. Provide them with whatever they may need: bottles of water, yogurt cups in their dressing room, maybe even a blanket just in case it's too cold in the studio. You may be the host but without guests your show is just a empty house.

Take care of your guests. Give them a reason to come back.


REMEMBER: You are a talk show host, not a Chippendale dancer.

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