Sunday, May 2, 2010

2AM: The perfect time to write a blog...

Don't you hate it when you can't sleep? Your body is tired as heck and yet your brain is still running around, filling your head with all sorts of thoughts - from the perverted to the philosophical.

Don't you hate that?

That's what I'm having right now.

Staring at my laptop, I'm ranting about whatever comes to mind. This entry doesn't have a structure, really. I can barely see the letters on the keyboard due to the lack of ample lighting in my room. Too lazy to get up or maybe I found "the spot" on my bed. You know what I'm talking about: that one perfect spot on the bed where, once you've found it, you just don't ever want to get up from. That spot.

Again, this entry has no structure. I don't think this blog has any readers to begin with, so I guess I can say what I want without the slightest regard for other people's feelings.

You know what, forget that. I'll keep it wholesome. You never know who might drop by and read this.

TOPIC CHANGE: Dating SLASH Meeting New People

So, I'm slowly starting to get out more and allowing myself to meet new people. After being single for quite a considerable time now I am slowly "testing the waters" again. It started last Thursday, when I met a girl on a blind date (sort of) for lunch. One of my girl friends (notice the space in-between) introduced me to this girl and we met casually at a small restaurant downtown. We had sandwiches, salads, and coffee.

I have to admit, I was a bit nervous. I've never been set up before. But based on the photo my friend showed me on her iPhone a few days prior to Thursday she seemed like a really nice girl.

I was right. She WAS nice.

We ended up spending about 4 hours together talking about whatever - school, work, movies, hobbies, television shows, and all other sorts of topics. I even showed her around some of my favourite places around the city. We had ice cream, bought some lollies from a candy shop, got some pastries at Chinatown, and even saw CN Tower.

Best of all: We had some great conversations and even shared a few laughs.

That's her, standing in front of a large thimble-like structure that was erected in the middle of Chinatown. Now I'm a bit apprehensive about posting her photo without her permission but I can't help myself. Isn't she adorable? Cute too. ^_^

Now what delighted me the most about her was her mastery of the art of "witty banter."

I don't want to sound like a smartass but there's not a lot of people who can keep up with me when it comes to catchy one-liners, sarcastic humour, and Chandler-esque talk. She did. Kudos to her.

Our little blind date (sort of) ended with me walking her to her work. I walked back home with a smile on my face. I really hope she did too.

Will I see her again? Absolutely. From the very brief afternoon we spent together I like her company and her personality already.

So there you go. I made a new friend.

(Oh, it's almost 3am. I gotta go lay down again and try getting some sleep...)

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  1. She is cute!!!! I'm glad that you're starting to go out again! I guess that's a good sign that you're ready...