Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Snooky Tynes Family Band, Shibaten, and Johnny ...One Year Later

This past Victoria Day long weekend, I got the chance to see two of my friends whom I haven't seen in over a year - Snooky Tynes and his family band and Japanese musician Shibaten. Some of you may remember them as my guests on my (very short-lived) cable talk show.

Snooky and his family are known for their renditions of "old school" music - James Brown, the Jackson 5, and some of their own original songs. They're always a hit whenever they play downtown.

Here's a short clip of them performing a 10-minute set. What you don't see is the large crowd behind me while I was recording this. I still have a few more clips of them in my hard drive that I need to upload on my YouTube channel.

Here's Snooky and his family playing on my show last year...

Next up is Shibaten. For those of you who are now familiar with him, he's a traveling musician from Osaka, Japan who specializes in playing the didgeridoo - a wind instrument from Australia. He also plays other instruments but he's most famous for the didgeridoo.

He's played in over 30 countries, performing on the street, in clubs, cafes, schools, and even with a native tribe in Africa!

This past Monday was his last performance here in Canada for a while, right before he leaves for his music tour across the world. I asked him when he might be back to perform in Canada and he said he didn't know, so seeing him again was a bit bittersweet.

Here's a short video of his final performance that afternoon...

...and here he is performing on my show...

A special testimonial from Johnny

A few months ago, Shibaten asked me to write a few words about him and his music, to appear as part of his promotional materials.

You can read it on his website, under PROMO.

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