Monday, May 3, 2010

SUPER SLEEPY: Another perfect time to blog...

Tired and extremely sleepy after a long day's work, I thought I'd take this opportunity to write a variation to the Asian Awesome's previous post - writing a blog when one cannot fall asleep.

This time, I am writing a blog as one is almost about to fall asleep.

Writing something intelligible whilst groggy can be quite an undertaking. Your eyelids start to become heavy. You constantly misspell words and jumble words and thoughts. All this while fighting the urge to grab your softest pillow and sink yourself underneath your warmest blanket.

I've already lost count how many times I've corrected my grammar and spelling since I started writing. But I guess that's part of thrill and the humour of writing while sleepy.

I'm currently on my bed, on my stomach, typing away. I haven't really typed anything, really. Just a really long introduction.

Being sleepy also makes you come up with the most interesting ideas, questions, and other random thoughts:


Do you think cows like being milked?

Do you think when cheetahs run they secrectly say "Whooooooosh!"

Why would you see and alligator later? I'd run like heck.

After a while, crocodile? I'd still run like heck.

I think I wold like to have a pot-bellied pig as a pet.

I'm gonna name said pot-bellied pig GEORGE.

Did you know George Clooney has a pot-bellied pig as a pet?


What if you auto-tune Arnold's voice? That would sound so messed up.

When learning a new language, always learn how to say "Where is the bathroom?" first.

Do you lock your bathroom door even if you're the only person in the house?

I have man-crushes on the following men: Stephen Colbert, Mike Rowe, James Bond, Bill Maher

Why do people flip through channels over and over and over again? Within the 3 minutes you spent browsing throught 100 channels, there's a good chance that it's still gonna be the same 100 shows.

Local jokes are the hardest one to teach foreign people who do not spek the language or understand the culture.


There is a dark humour about seeing potted plants inside a library. I bet the plants are telling themselves. "We could have been books, trees, and chairs! HOLY CRAP!"

Rush hour at a subway is quite poetic. Before thousands of people arrive at their respective destinations, they all meet, congregate, and bond at one distinct place.

Can't they change the way a truclk's beep sounds when it backs up? Something a bit less irritating would be very very appreciated.

People with custom ringtones should be shot. They just let their phones "ring" for an extra 10 seconds just so we can be tortured on hearing another Justin Bieber song.

Whether you admit it or not: Lady Gaga is a great artist.

(Im rambling now.)


JUST LIKE THAT, the entry is done.


UPDATE: 5mins after I published this.

I'm still sleepy. I anoticed some spelling errors, missing words, and even logic problems. I'll leave it as it is. Haha.

I am soooo sleepy right now.... ^_^ v

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