Saturday, August 28, 2010


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As promised, here are photos from last night's awesome Batman event that featured pop culture icon Adam West.

I only got the chance to take 4 photos from last night, which is really lame I know. I told everyone on Facebook I'd be taking photos AND videos of the event. My excuse is the event was held inside a movie theater - NO PHOTOS OR VIDEOS ALLOWED.

This was the promo poster for the event, which was a special screening of the 1966 film "Batman: The Movie" based on the popular TV series AND a special in-the-flesh appearance by Adam West himself after the film for a short Q & A with the audience.

You may be wondering: what the heck is Batman holding and why the heck is he holding it like that? Well, just in case you haven't seen the film yet, it's from this scene...

I managed to get a seat about 4 rows from the screen and stage, which was both awesome and not so awesome at the same time. Awesome because I got to see Adam West up close. Not so awesome because as much as I wanted to take photos and videos of the event I was just too worried I might get caught by the ushers walking around.
Major wimpy fail on my part. _/''''\O

If that wasn't bad enough, we were told that we couldn't take any photographs or videos of Adam West once he appears on stage. Now I'm certain a good handful of people didn't listen and just took photos and vids anyway but, again, I was just too close to the stage to steal a shot or two.

You're just gonna have to take my word for it. Adam West was really there, I swear.

^_^ v

I took this photo just a few moments before the movie began. Shhh...don't tell anyone. After the film ended, they set up a chair for Adam West for the Q & A.

The audience asked him all sorts of questions:

How he liked the fact that he will always be known as the original Batman...

("It feels really good!")

Which actress he thought was the sexiest Catwoman...

("Julie Newmar.")

If he prefers performing in front of the camera or voiceover work for Family Guy...

("I don't care. Just pay me. But voiceover work is less stressful - no makeup, no costumes. You just show up and do it.")

When the TV series would arrive to DVD...

("It's in the works.")

What's Burt Ward doing nowadays...

("He's waiting in the car.")

When he last wore the cape and cowl...

("Last night. It was a wild night.")

... and if he would be kind enough to dance the popular BATUSI..

What's the BATUSI, you may ask? This, my friends, is the BATUSI...

Seeing Adam West in the flesh dancing this was so epic. People were going crazy! He also revealed that he's doing voiceover work for Disney for an upcoming Peter-Pan animated film, which is totally awesome.

After about 20 minutes the Q & A was done and Adam West exited his Batman butt backstage. Everyone stood up and headed for the exit. It was the best $25 dollars I've spent in a really really long time.


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