Sunday, August 8, 2010

I was once cute, you know.

Ok, seriously, two months without a blog update. I kinda lost interest on blogging here since I figured no one reads this anyway.

Now what if I post this old photo of me and my brothers. I think I was 7 here. I can't really remember. Maybe I was 8. This should bring back some visitors...I hope.

Being the middle child, it was automatic that I would sit in the middle of every photo with my brothers. I heard in, like, old superstitions that it's bad luck to take photos of GROUPS OF 3S because something bad will happen to the one in the middle.

Have you heard of this superstition?


  1. Johnny, you're still cute!

  2. I'm a middle child too (I have 2 sisters) and I've heard of that superstition :) I don't even have any pictures with just me and my sisters when we were kids lol!

  3. I heard that supertitious beliefs but i guess its a bad luck when u were wearing diff. color & the people besides u are both wearing the same color. I think maybe?? hmmm.. but don`t believe in that. Ur still alive!! hahaha.. miss u johnny ^_^