Monday, September 6, 2010

Asian Peace Signs Are So Asian!

A friend of mine from work told me a story about how her friends made fun of her for having too many Facebook photos where she poses doing a peace sign. She was told that she was being "so Asian" for making peace signs.

Later that night, I browsed through my Facebook albums and found these photos, all taken at different times. I was also making too many peace sign poses without really realizing that I was doing it so often.

All of a sudden, that "peace signs are so Asian" remark my friend's friend made doesn't sound so ridiculous to me.

This has now got me thinking:

Do we Asians really do the peace sign that much, in photos and in public? Do we really do it so much that it has now become the new Asian stereotype? Why the heck do we even do it in the first place?

So, what's YOUR take on the "Asian peace sign?"

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