Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Scott Pilgrim To Singapore!

It's amazing who you meet on the internet.

A few entries ago, I blogged about my newly-bought Scott Pilgrim VS. The World Blu-ray/DVD. Since I already owned a Blu-ray player, I didn't see the need to keep the DVD. Who wants to watch a visual feast like Scott Pilgrim in lo-def, anyway?

So I made a decision to spread some early holiday cheer and offered to mail the DVD to anyone who wanted it, anywhere in the world.

Someone replied. His name is Mads Karlsen Bækkevold - a film maker from Singapore. I told him I would send the DVD sometime this week.

I Googled his name and found these videos on his YT channel. According to the description, it's about a guy and his love for dance. Interesting.

Reading this on Facebook? Watch the videos here.

Being the self-promoting fiend that I am, and as a form of payment for the free DVD I'm sending him, I kindly asked him if he could give the blog a cameo feature on his next short film. Think what you want, I know it's bit ballsy of me to ask him that. To my surprise Mads considered the idea.

We'll see where this goes.

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