Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Seeing a Redhead Wearing a Zebra Snuggie Makes My Heart Giddy!

Okay, I admit, I like giving people gifts. It's part of my giving nature. Some people might see that as buying people's affection. I say screw them. Gifts make people happy and that's what counts.

I sent Lauren a late birthday gift last week. She mentioned in one of our talks she's always wanted to get a zebra print Snuggie. Looks good on her, doesn't it?

Awesome Fact:
She actually sent me the original blue Snuggie last year after seeing one of my random YouTube videos. You can watch it below.

(yeah, I look hot.)

Here's the original video Lauren saw. Yeah, I may have looked stupid, but it got me a Snuggie from a cute girl. Awesome. ^_^ v

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