Thursday, December 16, 2010

Filipino Soap Opera with Lauren! (plus BONUS blooper video!)

Ever wondered how cheesy Filipino soap opera dialogue would sound like if it were spoken by an American girl? American redhead Lauren and I asked the same question and came up with this short video.

The title means "I cannot forget you." It sounds cheesier in Tagalog.

Probably one of the greatest piece of overacting ever seen in a parody vid...

Lauren was such a trooper and was willing and enthusiastic to learn to speak Tagalog. It took her a while to prounounce the words just right. I think she did a swell job.


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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Remember FRIENDSTER? I Used to Be Big There. Sort Of. (Part 3)

Like I've mentioned in the previous entry, my old Friendster blog gave me the chance to meet many wonderful people from different parts the world. It gave me quite a thrill to know where my blog was being read. After reading very encouraging comments they've left, I wanted to show my gratitude and started a photo gallery of sorts featuring my readers.

To be included in the allery, all the readers had to do was take a photo of themselves in front of their computer monitors and send it to me.

These photos still make me smile after all this time...

More recently, I used the same concept for my live webcam show on BlogTV. You can find the link to my channel on the right sidebar of Asian Awesome.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Remember FRIENDSTER? I Used to Be Big There. Sort Of. (Part 2)

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Not to sound overly sentimental, but my old Friendster blog "The Mind: My Own Personal Idea Factory" is something I'm quite proud and fond of. Not only was it the place where I realized I had a knack for creative writing, but it also allowed me to connect with people in ways I could never have imagined. For those of you who only know me from BlogTV, YouTube, or Asian Awesome: this is where it all began for me.

NOTE: Although the blog is still active, several photos and videos are no longer there due to expired links or deleted YouTube videos. Click the image below to visit the blog:

IMPORTANT: Some of blog's earlier entries may contain NSFW images. You will see several photos of Japanese girls in bikinis. There's no nudity so don't worry. Please keep in mind that some of my comments were written sarcastically and should not be taken seriously. My earlier entries represent a phase I have completely grown out of. I just want to get that out of the way before you think I'm weird or creepy. ^_^

Anyway, where were we?

There's so many things I want to talk about regarding the blog but I'll try my best to keep it as brief as I can. I'll start with the basics - the name and what the blog was all about:

During the process of coming up with a blog name, I read the words "idea factory" on an article somewhere and thought it was catchy. I used "The Mind" because it sounded better than "The Brain" and added the redundant phrase "my own personal" to make it sound cooler.

The blog launched around 2005 when I was very much interested in Japanese pop culture and music, particularly "idol groups" and solo artists.I created an on-site video playlist within the blog featuring my favourite J-Pop music videos I liked at the time; this became the central feature of the blog and I added new ones as often as I could. My initial target audience at the time were people who also enjoyed listening to Japanese pop music and who were interested in Japanese pop culture. The video player is not there anymore due to Friendster switching blog partners from Blogger to Wordpress.

After a few months of self-promotion through Friendster's "bulletin board" and sending mass messages to people on my friends list, the blog started to get some attention. Suddenly, the people over at Friendster eventually noticed the traffic and, after several failed attempts, finally granted my request to become one of only twenty "Featured Blogs" the site promoted on their main page. I was so ecstatic when I saw the blog on the list...

Being a "Featured Blogger" meant that everytime I would update the blog it would be advertised immediately on Friendster's main page, giving the site tremendous exposure to millions of potential readers. At the time, Friendster was very popular among Filipinos and this suddenly gave the blog a totally new set of readers.

My "regular" Friendster account was later converted into a "Fan Profile" - allowing me connect with my readers more efficiently and making it easier for them to get in touch with me and the blog.

With the blog now having a much bigger Filipino audience - not just J-Pop loving people -I decided to change the blog theme a bit and added more Filipino-themed entries to the mix. Two of the most popular ones involved SHARING JEEPNEY STORIES and SHARING THEIR FAVOURITE FILIPINO FOOD. These two entries were the most commented on the blog with a total of 650 replies between them. Reading all the things people wrote still makes me smile after all these years. I highly suggest you read them all when you have the chance.


"The (People's) Mind"

Friday, December 3, 2010

Remember FRIENDSTER? I Used to Be Big There. Sort Of. (Part 1)

Before Facebook pretty much destroyed our social life, productivity, and face-to-face communication skills, there was Friendster. I'm sure many of you have fond memories of this once-popular site (that is, unless you were one of those wannabe hipsters who were on MySpace).

One of the creepiest memories I had over at Friendster was finding other profiles with my face as their main photo. These are all actual screenshots of member profile pages...


My Japanese culture-themed Friendster blog!