Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Remember FRIENDSTER? I Used to Be Big There. Sort Of. (Part 3)

Like I've mentioned in the previous entry, my old Friendster blog gave me the chance to meet many wonderful people from different parts the world. It gave me quite a thrill to know where my blog was being read. After reading very encouraging comments they've left, I wanted to show my gratitude and started a photo gallery of sorts featuring my readers.

To be included in the allery, all the readers had to do was take a photo of themselves in front of their computer monitors and send it to me.

These photos still make me smile after all this time...

More recently, I used the same concept for my live webcam show on BlogTV. You can find the link to my channel on the right sidebar of Asian Awesome.

Reading this on Facebook? Click here to watch the videos!

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