Monday, February 21, 2011

Awesome Blog Visitors Gallery Is Now Open!

The blog's visitor count has jumped quite a bit these last few weeks and that got me thinking of starting a new category - the "Awesome Blog Visitors Photo Gallery." I did the same thing before for my old blog.

The visitor gallery is my way of featuring you awesome people. Think of it as my way of showing thanks to you for dropping by.

Being a part of the gallery is easy:

1. Take a photo of your awesome self with my site in your ipod/iphone/ipad/computer/laptop/TV (see above example). Remember: You have to be in the photo.
2. E-mail me the photo with your name and the city/country you're from to JOHNNYTHEMIND@HOTMAIL.COM
3. Write "Awesome Visitor" as your subject.
4. Pat yourself on the back for being an awesome blog visitor.
5. Wait for me to publish your awesome photo!

I'm now waiting for your photos. Send them in and be featured! Don't let me wait too long.

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