Saturday, March 26, 2011

Marilyn Monroe: FRAGMENTS

I recently bought a book called Fragments which features poems, notes, and letters written by Marilyn Monroe. The local bookstore I always go to finally reduced the price and put it on sale from $32 to to a measly $20. I've always wanted to have this since it came out last year.

The book features a lot of candid shots of her reading or writing

What I love about the book is that it features a side of Marilyn Monroe many people never saw (or chose not to see) - her intelligent, articulate, introspective side. 

This added a whole new layer to her personality, something most of us never really knew existed because of her well-known Hollywood persona as the "dumb blonde", the "sex symbol", and the "ditzy girl."

One of her featured handwritten notes. It reads...

for life
It is rather a determination not to be overwhlemed.

for work
The truth can only be recalled, never invented.

My wall posters. I just wanted to add this photo up. Like what I always keep telling people: everyone needs to have at least one Marilyn Monroe poster on their room. I'm actually planning adding one or two more posters this summer. 

Posing with Marilyn. Like a boss.

Make sure you go buy the book (now only $16 at Amazon!), or at least glance through it the next time you're at the bookstore. It's an absolute must-read whether you're fans or just casual admirers.

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